Scarlet Road


Microsoft Windows XP and above
Visual C++ 2010 Express or Visual Studio 2010
SDL and SDLimage library (included)


The first step is to run make_data.bat. This creates a #temp folder which will
store the data needed by the game. At this stage of the project, it merely
copies from the data folder. But in the future, if assets are needed to be
pre-processed (say, converting textures to PVR or DXT format), you can put the
scripts in make_data.bat.

You can then open the solution scarlet_road.sln located at the root. Pick
either Debug or Release, then build and run. If you forgot to run make_data
earlier, the build phase will return an error. A post-build script copies
newer files from #temp to the target directory (either Debug or Release).

Remember that if you added new assets in the data folder, you need to run
make_data again to update the #temp folder.

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